Oct 3, 2017

Episode 136: New George Michael & Seal Music!

We've got details on new music from George Michael and Seal, who's taking on some classics, while Kelly and Sharon contemplate what the hell a kiss from a rose would actually be like!!  Also, TLC's T-Boz tells her story in a new book that's sure to inspire.  We'll hear one of the quintessential 90's anthems, and some advice to the guy who wrote it from himself some 20 years later, and more time travel magic just like that with music from Counting Crows, Bel Biv DeVoe, 2Pac and more!  Thanks for listening to 90's NOW! 


Sep 26, 2017

Episode 135: Who Really is En Vogue These Days? We Have the Answer!

Back at it for another show... we're really back!! We'll get the En Vogue lineup straightened out... and maybe add a couple more names to their roster.  We'll go back to a more dreaded time with Lenny Kravitz and see how his beautiful baby girl is all grown up, and we'll see what Sharon's rock & roll boyfriend Dave Grohl and his band are up to as the Foo Fighters new album hits #1!  Matchbox 20, Oasis, a Lauryn Hill update and more, and Kelly will prove that if you're going to talk about balls that they better be amazeballs.  Thanks for listening to 90's NOW!


Sep 17, 2017

Episode 134: We’re Baaack! 90’s Now is in Full Effect!

Helloooooooooooooooo! After several months away we're back and ready to rock a brand new episode of 90's NOW! Lots to discuss, including how Dr. Dre continues to rule the planet, a new 90's TV show for Lance Bass and Christina Millian and Janet Jackson back out on tour. Some news on U2 and Aerosmith and a birthday shout out for a special 90's dance diva that we like to call a friend, not sure if she feels the same way! Thanks for listening!  


Jan 10, 2017

Episode 133: January 10, 2017

Back at it for the first show of 2017!  When we last spoke George Michael was alive, Mariah Carey lip-synched a performance and Madonna dated younger men; only one of these things has changed.  We'll listen to some George Michael to help us feel better, along with The Spice Girls, Janet Jackson and some U2 and all the info about their upcoming tour!!  Thanks for listening to 90's NOW! 


Dec 20, 2016

Episode 132: December 21, 2016

So, Kelly wanted to take a reeeaaallllly long break and I had to comply, because I'm a supportive co-host and friend. Lol!! Just kidding, life got in the way and we've fixed that now, so back to the 90's we go!!  We said farewell to Alan Thicke, and are waiting on baby news for Janet Jackson.  We're gonna get caught up on a couple of tour packages that not only gives the info about who's on the bill, but also allows us to say 'package' a few times.  We also try to figure how the story of New Edition would need three parts, and while this long story is not starring Taraji P. Henson, her name is just more fun to say than her Empire co-star's who is in the movie.  All of that and some Christmas music too!  Thank you for listening to 90's NOW!! 


Jun 2, 2016

Episode 131: May 31, 2016

Great to be back to kick off some 90's summer vibes!  While Justin Timberlake puts out the song of the summer of 2016, we'll go back to his beginnings with N*SYNC!  We've got a story on how George Michael's 90's indiscretions still propose a problem for the ignorant, and Kelly's got the inside scoop on a new Madonna doc.  Sharon's 9&1 is based on words of wisdom, and Kelly's Trivia is Canadian... we have responsibilities.  We'll salute Prince, hear some Spice Girls, get yer Thunderpuss on, and lots more!  Thanks for listening to 90's NOW!! 

Apr 13, 2016

Episode 130: April 12, 2016

Your one-stop-shop for all your 90's needs is open for business!  Back with news on Britney Spears' album and how Sharon could help out vocals, along with a song trip back to her beginnings.  Aside from 'very entertaining' and 'how much are those boots??' word on Rihanna's tour might be 'bunnal'... Kelly's definition coming right up!  Pick your side of the 'who gets into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?' debate, and see if you agree with Gene Simmons.  Sharon's 9&1 puts Prince in your ears... which sounded better in my head... and Kelly's Trivia mixes b-ball and Beastie Boys!  Here's to this show finding a place in your Memory Palace.... Thanks for listening to 90's NOW! 


Apr 5, 2016

Episode 129: April 5, 2016

Back for more 90's fun!  We've got big news for Backstreet Boys fans on a potential Las Vegas residency!  Also, word from a 'no regrets' Toni Braxton on looking back.  And while we have no update on George Michael, we do have a great flashback story-turned-inspiration-for m-a-song.  Kelly's Trivia and Sharon's 9&1 get into a good R&B groove, along with Lisa Stansfield and Wreckx-n-Effect, and we remember Kurt Cobain.  We did our best to be non-douchey, but to say it as much as possible.  Thanks for listening to 90's NOW!! 


Mar 31, 2016

Episode 128: March 29, 2016

We're back!!  After a few weeks sitting on our hiatus, it's great to be back to the fun!!  We've got news on U2's new album and a 90's fave from them.  We've also got word, or choice words from Mariah Carey's brother about helping out their sister during her time of medical need.... is it wrong that we never knew he existed??  We've got our people on the case!  Kelly's Trivia goes to SoCal, while Sharon's 9&1 goes to the movies.  How about Sublime to chill you out, Michael Jackson to jog your memory and M People to getcha movin'?  You've got it on 90's NOW!!  Thanks for listening!


Feb 2, 2016

Episode 127: February 2, 2016

Another fun show of getting all caught up with your favourite 90's music and the stars that make it!  Like the transition from hot rock star to magician for Evan Dando of The Lemonheads, or the unmistakable Beth Brennan or Breath Bennan depending on the role.  Along with some 'can't contain herself' Trivia, Kelly will also work through her thoughts and childhood flashbacks of Death Metal music.  This should more than explain Sharon's couple-a trips to the punch bowl.  Beastie Boys, Bucketheads and where else are ya gonna get Guns N' Roses AND Rick Astley back-to-back??  Thanks for listening to 90's NOW!! 


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