Jan 13, 2018

Episode 148: We’re Ready to Rock 2018!

Kelly & Sharon are back after a holiday break, and amazed that Kelly made it out of the house after getting Golden Girls Monopoly for Christmas!  We’ve got the word on the return of Roseanne, the importance of following CeCe Peniston on Instagram and how Mariah Carey flaunted her “Golden Globes” on New Year’s Eve, as well as the awards show itself. 
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Dec 24, 2017

Episode 147: All Things Christmas on 90’s NOW!

All kinds of your favourite holiday sounds from your favourite decade!!  TLC, Mary J. Blige, N*SYNC and lots more! We remember some of those that we’re missing this year and keep them close with their music.  Info on what Spice Girl Geri wants to do in memory of George Michael, some drama surrounding one of Mariah’s bodyguards and the exact recipe for a classic egg nog. May this holiday season bring you all good things.  Cheers to more fun in 2018!  Thank you so much for listening to 90’s NOW!!


Dec 10, 2017

Episode 146: Lots Happening in the World of 90’s Rock!

While there's some anniversary celebrating for some of our favorite 90's artists, there's some holiday prepping happening for some others! Green Day win for 'best greatest hits album name,' and Kelly & Sharon have news on three new songs from New Kids On The Block. We've got a Rock Hall update, Pearl Jam's tour plans and music from Arrested Development, Janet Jackson, John Mellencamp and lots more!  Thanks for listening to 90's NOW!!


Dec 3, 2017

Episode 145: Is Noel Gallagher Becoming An Author?

Kelly and Sharon may be considering new roles as Royal watchers after hearing about Prince Harry and his Princess bride-to-be!  If that doesn't work then they make get a big ol' tattoo of Sade.  We'll make sense of that and more (or try to), not to mention figuring out if Noel Gallagher is becoming an author! We'll also get into some great 90's faves from Oasis, Diana King, Rod Stewart and a fully clothed Lenny Kravitz... but we know that right now Kelly is wincing about his peek-a-boo!  Lol!!  Thanks for listening to 90's NOW! 


Nov 26, 2017

Episode 144: Christina Aguilera Hits the Right Notes!

We are on the low part of the rollercoaster ride with those Spice Girls and an update on their non-reunion.  We'll confirm that Christina was the perfect choice for the Whitney Houston tribute at the American Music Awards, and confirm the new choice for Stone Temple Pilots' singer.  Also how you can get your hands on some 40 year old nude pics of Madonna... just in time for the holidays!  Music from No Doubt, Coolio, Salt-n-Pepa and lots more!  Thanks for listening to 90's NOW!


Nov 20, 2017

Episode 143: Bon Jovi Trying To Make It In The Door!

Could it be??  The Spice Girls getting back together?!  We’ll tell ya all about it!  We’ll also hear from Mariah Carey, who’s got her Christmas on, Bon Jovi, who, if it were up to the fans, will get in to The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, and since no one should suffer from bad pop music, Dave Grohl has the perfect preventative measures.  Foo Fighters, Destiny’s Child, Counting Crows and more!  Thanks for listening to 90’s NOW!! 


Nov 13, 2017

Episode 142: Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity!

We've got word that the inspiration for U2's upcoming album came out of Bono's brush with mortality, how Mark "Don't Call Me Marky Mark" Wahlberg is hopeful that God has a sense of humour and that Offspring's Dexter Holland is now Dr. to you.  Great music from The Beastie Boys, Puff Daddy, Montell Jordan, Jamiroquai and lots more.  Thanks for listening to 90's NOW!


Nov 7, 2017

Episode 141: Alanis Morissette Has Influence on Willow Smith!

We’ll tell you where you can go to sing along to your favourite song in your car and get a big ol’ ticket. Be careful if you’re singing along during this show! George Michael is topping the charts, Toni Braxton is flashin’ a diamond on her ring finger and Madonna’s flying economy.  It’s all part of 90’s NOW with great music from Alanis Morissette, Eric Clapton, Black Box, Naughty By Nature and more! Thanks for listening.


Oct 31, 2017

Episode 140: LL Cool J Getting His Due!

Where are you on the debate of whether Justin Timberlake should have Janet Jackson with him when he does the SuperBowl Half-Time Show?  You can guess what Kelly says, now imagine where Sharon thinks the tassles should go this time!  We'll talk about a silver anniversary for R.E.M., and we've got music from the the first hip-hop artist to receive the Kennedy Center Honors, Duran Duran, Destiny's Child and lots more! Thanks for listening to 90's NOW! 


Oct 24, 2017

Episode 139: GNR Show Some P!nk!

We've got a great big 90's reveal on the show, and it's not someone named Harvey in a bathrobe.  But we will talk about how Courtney Love's advice 12 years ago was a clear warning.  Midnight Oil slide some politics in, GNR show some P!nk and we've got an update and a release date on the INXS and Pearl Jam documentaries.  Music too... lots of it!!  Thanks for listening to 90's NOW!!


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